Sunday, 31 July 2016

week 2 discovery reflection

What went well today?
Today something that went well was...

water paint went well today because the paint was really bright and the paintbrush was not going everywhere.

What was a challenge today?
A challenge I had...

postoins were challenging today because my postoin was too liquid and too dry and there were not enough dry stuff and bubbly soap and water.

What do I want to do differently next time.

Next time something I would do differently is...

dominos and 1000 bricks is what I want to do next time.

How did I make someone else feel?
How do I feel after discovery today?

I made someone feel … when …

I made my friends feel happy by doing what they wanted to do. I felt really happy after discovery time.
During discovery I felt happy because everyone was kind.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

my Animale- bunny-tiger-catcy-unicorn

bunny - tiger - catcy - unicorn

This animal's name is bunny - tiger - catcy - unicorn.
she has  bunny ears mouth and eyes she has tiger strips and cat whiskers and cat nose and unicorn wings. her eyes are dark brown. she is the colour orange with black strip's. her fur is the softest fur in the wold. her wings have fur on it too. she has long ears but she can not here loud animal's because she is so little. she is fifteen c.m long. she eats chocolate chip biscuits and drinks milk. she protects the under ground the grass the flowers and the trees with the special seeds that only bunny - tiger - catcy - unicorns can make out of some special grass and branches and flower petals and tiny little rocks where bunny - tiger - catcy - unicorns can find. bunny - tiger - catcy - unicorn can only be found in gardens that has lots of dirt leaves flowers and trees so that they will not be found all the time. they get really scared when they see humans. bunny - tiger - catcy - unicorns are harmless.